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Welcome to my practice! I am a licensed psychologist, specializing in addiction and eating disorders, while also treating a broad range of problematic issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, self-injurious behaviors, and relationship distress.

If you are considering therapy, are suffering, or are not satisfied with your life, important questions to ask yourself include “do you find yourself held back in life by your depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorder, low self-esteem, etc?  Are you waiting until you’re ‘better’ to begin certain goals, be more social, be a more loving partner/mother/friend, or start that exercise program you know would be good for you?  Are you confused by behaviors that you keep engaging in that you are not good for you, but you can’t seem to stop?   Have you been able to give up an unhealthy coping mechanism, only to have it replaced by another unhealthy one?”

If the answer is “yes”, to any of the above then starting therapy is absolutely the first step in the right direction.

therapy in santa barbaraIf you decide to enter therapy with me, you can expect to uncover and address the underlying, core emotional issues that may be manifesting as symptoms or problematic behavior.  For example, perhaps it is your unconscious (or conscious) fear of abandonment that interferes with your ability to have healthy relationships and ultimately causes you to act in ways that push people away, which only reinforces your fear and belief that people cannot be trusted.  Or conceivably, below your awareness there is a deep sense of shame, which you are not in touch with, as you are so preoccupied by your depression or anxiety. Helping you to identify these core issues will provide the much needed insight to assist you in changing.

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You will also become more aware of your psychological defense mechanisms and how these work to keep anxiety provoking material out of your consciousness, your patterns of relating and attaching to others, and the needs you to seek to have fulfilled.  You will learn how to disentangle yourself from problematic thoughts and feelings, while also changing your relationship to  them (accepting what is).  You will also become more in touch with your values and how to commit yourself to living your life in a manner that is congruent with them, even in the presence  of painful feelings and experiences. This is so important because living your valued life is directly correlated to your level of well-being and life satisfaction.

Therapy provides you with hands-on, immediate tools to utilize as you work through your struggles, while also holding the space to delve deeper into your psyche to bring about lasting change and personal growth.   Invest in yourself, because change is possible!

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