Robert McCarthy

I know myself to be very stubborn and initially I believe this worked against me as I was reluctant to be open to you and the many valuable ideas you had. When I decided to give in a little I realised that what I needed was exactly what I had been unwilling to accept. I appreciate greatly that you didn’t get in on my games and helped me to see that being a survivor is better than being the victim forever. Thanks.


I have been a patient with Dr Adina McGarr Knabke for over a year now and I feel compelled to express my gratitude towards her and her practice. Her multiple locations are very convienent for me but more importantly her patience, insight and compassion are like no other.


I want to highly recommend Dr. Knabke to anyone looking for a great therapist. She helped me so much through an extremely difficult time. I’m certain that I wouldn’t have been able to overcome my self-destructive behaviors. She is so supportive and easy to talk to. *5 stars‎


I feel compelled to express my gratitude to Dr Adina McGarr Knabke. She is not only a fantastic therapist but someone who genuinely cares about me and my well being. I would recommend Dr Knabke as I have to many of my peers.‎

Callie Shively

Psychotherapist, New Seasons Recovery Center

Adina is a conscientious and gifted clinician who has a long and successful career ahead of her. Her obvious intelligence and commitment to the field of psychology go together to make her extremely effective in treating clients in individual psychotherapy. Beyond that, Adina demonstrated clear management skills as the Primary Therapist at New Seasons Recovery, understanding the program policies and making delicate interpretations of these policies to best support patient progress. Adina showed integrity by not being afraid to make ‘hard’ decisions that would not be popular with the clients, if she believed they would be in the best interest of their growth. She had the difficult role of presenting the Treatment Team’s decisions to the clients, and did so with tact and finesse. In the Director’s absence, Adina would run the weekly Treatment Team meetings. She showed strong administrative abilities in keeping the meeting focused and making judgements as to what direction the Team meeting should take. While showing respect to all the Team members, she kept the group on task. We all liked it when Adina was in charge. Adina is clear team player. She is open to consulting with the clinical staff outside of Treatment Team, sharing helpful insights and providing emotional support. I recommend Adina without reservation.” March 21, 2009

Worked directly with Adina at Private Practice.


Cathy DeGennaro

Clinical Psychologist Correctional Facility, California Correctional Institute Tehachapi (business partner)

Dr. Adina McGarr-Knabke is a skilled, knowlegeable and empathic clinician. Her amazing work includes specialties in substance abuse, eating disorders, and self-injury.  She has a diverse talent that may different types of personalities respond well to.” March 15, 2009