Santa Barbara Counseling: What to Expect

It used to be, long ago, that counseling or therapy, was relegated only to those referred to, by others, as “crazy”. Despite coming leaps and bounds from this antiquated school of thought, many are still deterred from seeking therapy, a barrier, that is largely, borne out of a stigma from the past.  Some fear being thought of as “messed up” or “weird”, while others fear being seen as “troubled” or “weak”.  There are a myriad of different deterrents, which is unfortunate, as therapy can be beneficial to anyone willing to commit themselves to the process.  I offer individuals of Ventura and Santa Barbara counseling that is, not only helpful in easing distress, but is also non-judgmental and sincere in practice.

In Santa Barbara counseling that I provide is dynamic, meaning that I attempt to understand how your symptoms, mental status, personality type, personal history, current circumstances, and stressors all come together and coalesce to make you, you. This type of Santa Barbara counseling is interpretive and artistic, while illuminating your individuality and temperament.
 Through my Santa Barbara counseling, you will have a chance to learn more about yourself and your relationships, why you are drawn to certain people, and why you repeat negative behaviors.  Therapy is like a microcosm of your larger world.  It will provide you a chance to study a relationship up close and in real time.  By exploring what happens between you and me in therapy, you will gain insight into your interactions with others and how you may be perceived as a person.

The specific type of Santa Barbara counseling that I practice is psychodynamic in nature.  In brief, the premise of this therapeutic orientation encompasses the study of an individual, whereby unconscious dynamics that make you unhappy with yourself and your relationships are made conscious. The awareness of these unconscious conflicts allows healing and growth to occur.  As treatment unfolds you will come to understand yourself and your relationships better, while experiencing more freedom to make choices about how you want to live your life.